AlfaVakuo e.U. is a technology company specialized in the processing of metals, especially alkaline and alkaline earth metals. Our sites are located in Althofen, in Austrias southernmost state Carinthia.

We develop, produce and trade with

  • MVS (metal vapour sources), sometimes also called dispenser or oven for high vacuum and ultra high vacuum. Our trade name for the dispenser is „AlfaSource“ (formerly known as „Alvasource“ from the company Alvatec Production and Sales / Alvatec Alkali Vacuum Technologies – which was closed in summer 2016). Our AlfaSources  are used e.g. for research for producing Bose-Einstein-Plasma or in the industry for coatings.
  • TGZ and PGZ  getters based on the Zirconium-Vanadium-Iron alloy in tube getters or as pill getter (in small quantities)
  • TGB (tube getter barium) getters based on evaporated barium in a stainless-steel tube.

We also offer measurement services:

  • Measurements of the sorption capacity of getter materials
  • Outgassing measurements for different materials

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